Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gearing up for the weekend

This weekend my sewing hiatus ends. I plan to watch movies and sew sew sew. Since I have several projects that are already cut out I will sew some of them and then cut out a couple of new pieces. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have a few new pieces to squeeze into my closet. Does anyone else have this challenge (I won't call it a problem)? This brings up a great question for all of you fabulously talented sewists that sew on a regular basis. How do you manage your wardrobe if you make new pieces all the time? Do you constantly edit your closet and get rid of items that you have made in the past? What do you do? I am on the verge of being able to open a clothing store myself because I find it hard to edit.

I decided to change up and make a different skirt for once. I bought some black rayon? fabric for $1.00/yd. Don't laugh it is actually a very nice fabric and if I mess it up I won't be mad. I am going to make McCalls 5523 view C.

I love this Built by Wendy top (Simplicity 3835 view C). I made it once before and it turned out well so I cut it out in a pink cotton batik 2 months ago and have yet to work on it, but this weekend I will complete it. It only takes about an hour to actually sew it.
I cut this jacket out 2 months ago also, in a turquoise satin brocade. I plan to make McCalls 5276 view B. I think that it will be a cute dressy jacket to wear with jeans.

I was going through old magazines that I plan to throw away and I saw this dress in an old Lucky magazine (August 2007 issue). I think that Butterick 5040 view B is a very close match so I plan to make it in a dark grey ponte knit.

Vest Progress

I finished my first vest from the Classic knits book and am half way done with the second vest using the same pattern and same type of yarn (Lionsbrand Thick and Quick) in burgundy. I worked on both sweaters during the Thanksgiving holiday. The pattern is very very easy and that is coming from someone who just learned how to knit. This season I have added 3 new vests (two and a half at this point) to my wardrobe, so I think that I am vested out. I am feeling the need to sew!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knitting Newbie

I have a ton of knitting books and knitting supplies that I have been collecting over the years, but I never used any of them until this Fall. Now I know how to crochet, but I think that knitting sort of intimidated me because it requires the use of two needles and I just could't see in my mind's eye how you could get into a rhythm with two needles like you can with one when you are crocheting. Well let's just say that I am really happy that I forged ahead with my trusty knitting instruction books (which I will post my favorites for you later) and learned how to do this thing!!! My first project was the mini cardigan from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel. I actually made this pattern twice the first time that I finished it, althought it was cute it was too small, despite the fact that I did follow the directions. The second time I changed the color to burgundy and yellow and followed the directions for the medium size and while it is a little snug, it still fits.

My second project that I just finished is the Sloane vest from Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason(another great book). However, I did not use the suggested yarn, instead I used Woolease thick and quick and it still came out pretty good. What I like about knitting is that it is a portable hobby, it's really quite relaxing and like sewing you can make absolutely beautiful pieces for your wardrobe.

During the holidays I plan to finish another vest (maybe two) that I have been working on from the Classic Knits book by Erika Knight. In the book the vest is actually called a Tank top, but it looks like a vest to me. I have been working on it in sky blue using Woolease Thick and Quick yarn again. I finished the back and hopefully I will be able to finish the front tomorrow while I am at the airport. I hope to make another one in burgundy while I am visiting my family since I already have the yarn. Both vests will coordinate with skirts that I have already made using my (you guessed it) staple skirt pattern McCalls 3830.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Staple skirt

I love McCalls pattern 3830 . I have made this skirt multiple times. It takes about 2 hours. Whenever I feel like I want a new skirt I make this pattern. It is so easy!!!

A Little Something Extra

I got up this morning and decided that I needed a necklace to go with my new red plaid jacket that I plan to wear today, so I pulled out some of my red and black beads and this is it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Unfinished Projects

This month I made a vow to work on my mound of unfinished sewing projects before I cut out any new patterns. Since my normal work mode is to cut out several patterns at a time, I shamefully have a huge pile of unfinished items. However I am making headway. I finished McCalls 2964 view C in a purple boucle knit and red plaid. This is a really simple pattern to complete, and an easy way to add a jacket to your wardrobe.

Love to create

I decided to start this blog because I probably have a borderline addiction to making things. So I thought why not chronicle my creative endeavors in a blog. I love to sew, make jewelry, crochet, cardmaking, and I just learned to knit or rather I am learning to knit. The majority of my skills have been learned by trial and error, many many books and occasionally a class. So, in this blog I will share with you the fruits of my labor, although I don't really consider it to be labor because I love to doing it all!!!