Friday, July 11, 2008

New Vogue Patterns

I just noticed that the new Vogue Fall patterns are out. Of course they came out after the sale was over!!! I think that they do that on purpose, I swear! Anyway I am going to hold out until they go on sale again, because I refuse to pay full price for patterns. Anyway I picked out a few patterns that I really like. I picked out these patterns because in the Fall I really want to concentrate on making suits, so I can build my business/work capsule wardrobe.

Vogue 1063

Vogue 1064
Vogue 1065
Vogue 1066


Eileen said...

I really like the choices of your Vogue patterns, but from what I have seen so far for Fall from the big 4 has been dissapointing. I think I will be reusing a lot of my summer patterns only with long sleeves.

Tany said...

I like your choices too! V1066 is my favorite so far!